Demystifying, Educating and Empowering

The core of what I do comes down to these three things: demystifying, educating and empowering.

  • Demystifying: Whether it’s coming into contact with a digital marketing tactic you’ve never tried before or it’s breaking down barriers in channels you can’t quite figure out, I’m here to break down barriers and eliminate the mysticism that often exists within the digital marketing realm.
  • Educating: Once barriers are down, I will help you learn the right information in an easy-to-understand manner (the former educator in me just can’t help it). No longer will you grapple with the unknown in your marketing.

Empowering: With the knowledge and hands-on tactics you’ll learn with me, you’ll be able to move forward in a self-sustaining manner. You’ll have a more efficient team on your hands and you’ll see greater success in your efforts.

Advocating for Your Customer & Helping Your Business Grow

It’s easy to approach your marketing from your business’s viewpoint. That is not where you’ll find the most success, however.

The best marketing is that which comes from the viewpoint of your customer. It is from this viewpoint that I will work with you. I’ll get into your customers’ heads. I’ll start looking for what they are looking for and will be their advocate at all stages of the process, from strategy and targeting to content creation and much more.

By having your finger on the pulse of your customers’ needs, you’ll be better poised for successful marketing and overall business growth.

Andreea Cojocariu
The Smiling Marketress

I’ve known Michelle for quite sometime. We got connected back in the days of SocialChat. Since then, we’ve collaborated and picked each other’s brains when it comes to performance marketing, specifically digital media and of course social media, SEO, and integrating those channels with overall business goals to grow businesses. She’s an amazing leader and can rally up the troops to meet and exceed her given objectives. Michelle thinks out of the box to improve the conversion experience. She does an excellent job of reaching across departments to make sure that performance marketing efforts run smoothly. Michelle is really a growth hacker. If you want to see her in action, ask her when she’s speaking next. She’s a regular on the conference circuit and does an outstanding job representing her employers. Personally, she’s great! Everyone loves her! If you ask for advice, she’ll help you brainstorm and find the right strategy to meet your organization’s goals.

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